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Being the preferred and trusted criminal defence law firm in York Region, Goldglass Law has helped a myriad of clients file appeals and pardons. We understand that the court decisions are not always in your favour, and if you have completed the sentence appropriately, you ought to get a record suspension. Call us at 908-898-4191 to book your free consultation with us. We would love to assist you with pardons, appeals, criminal cases and legal advice.


If you were convicted of a criminal offence but you have completed your sentence and shown that you are a law-abiding citizen for a given period of years, you have the right to get your criminal record suspended. Pardon means to have your criminal record kept separate and apart from other criminal records.

As per the provisions of the Criminal Records Act, the Parole Board of Canada can grant, reject, or revoke a record suspension request. In case the record suspension request is granted, all documents and details pertaining to your conviction will be removed from the official records. This does not mean the information is removed completely. It is held by the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), where it can be accessed with special permission from Canada’s Minister of Public Safety.


Court decision not in your favour? Don’t worry. You always have a chance to assert your rights and protect your interests by ‘appealing.’ Goldglass Law is well versed in pursuing appeals in the courts of the province. We have experience working in the appellate system and a high success rate when it comes to filing appeals.

  • Criminal conviction

  • Loss of your parental rights

  • Dismissal of your civil suit

  • Loss of your driver's license

  • Adverse rulings at administrative hearings of all types

  • Disadvantageous custody or child support rulings

  • Any other court action subject to appellate review

File a Pardon or Appeal

We can represent you in the courts of law when you would like to request pardon or appeal.


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