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Facing criminal charges is frightening, traumatic and emotionally devastating for you and your loved ones. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Goldglass have over 30 years of experience working in the Ontario courts. We have a high success rate and provide a vigorous defence. Our lawyer is aware of every possible option for our clients and intends to provide them with as much peace of mind and guidance as possible. 

We offer free legal consultation to answer your questions and guide you on legal processes and strategy. What’s more, our legal fee is competitive and fair. Payment plans are also available. Call us for more details.

Impaired driving

We provide experienced defence against:

  • Over 80 (DUI)

  • Impaired & DWI

  • Fail or refuse to provide a sample

  • Dangerous driving

  • Fail to stop

  • Fight from police

  • Drive disqualified


Dangerous driving

  • Fail to stop

  • Fight from police

  • Drive disqualified

  • Dangerous driving charge

  • Dangerous driving cause bodily harm

  • Dangerous driving cause death

Assault, Domestic Assault

  • Simple assault

  • Sexual assault

  • Assault police

  • Aggravated assault

  • Mischief over 5000

  • Mischief under 5000

  • Utter threat

  • Intimidation

  • Indecent and harassing phone calls

  • Domestic assault

Sexual Assault

  • Sexual exploitation

  • Sexual interference

  • Invitation to sexual touching

  • Aggravated sexual assault

  • Soliciting & prostitution charge

  • Child pornography

  • Child luring

  • Voyeurism charge

  • Publication of intimate images

  • Sex offence registries


  • Fraud over and under 5000

  • Perjury

Theft and Robbery

  • Theft over & under 5000

  • Shoplifting & theft charge

  • Possession of property obtained by crime

Breaches of probation

In case of failure to complete appointed programs, to behave or to follow the law, to keep the peace or appear in court, we can help with legal aid. We also resolve alcohol, weapon, violations of curfew and drug-related cases. When it is a breach of probation case, we can help withdraw the charge with the crown, acquit post-trial (found not guilty using defences) or negotiate a resolution to lessen the penalty.

Firearm offences

You cannot possess a firearm in Canada unless you comply with the regulations set out in the Firearms Act (1995) and the Criminal Code of Canada. According to section 91(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada, unauthorized possession of firearms (without a license) is illegal. If you are found guilty, you can be subject to penalty or imprisonment. Also, the illegal trafficking of firearms is a serious criminal offence. What’s more, criminal offence such as robbery or sexual assault using firearms is considered an offence. In case you get into trouble and are charged with a firearm offence, The Law Offices of Jeffrey Goldglass will strongly fight for the best possible outcome and defend you against criminal offences.

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We understand when you are in trouble and we seek to provide complete legal guidance in criminal code charges.


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