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We have successfully defended numerous types of drug offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act ranging from simple possession of a drug for one’s own personal use, to possession of drugs for the purpose of cultivation, trafficking or trafficking in drugs. Goldglass Law protects you in the case of -

  • Marijuana possession

  • Marijuana cultivation

  • Cocaine possession

  • Trafficking

Possession of drugs

Have you been charged with a ‘possession of drugs’ crime? Whatever type of drug you have been found with, you can be imposed with a jail sentence or lengthy terms of probation. In such a situation, working with an expert lawyer can help you come out of the case. If your lawyer proves that your possession of the drugs is defined by the Criminal Code limits or that you have the necessary knowledge of the usage or production, you can resolve all charges favourably. Each case depends on the drug, quantity involved and particular facts.

Goldglass Law has the experience and skill you need to examine cases from all sides. We have successfully defended all types of possession of drugs cases.

Production of drugs

If you are convicted for growing a drug, you might go to jail, get your property forfeited or have a permanent criminal record. The production of drugs, as per s. 7 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, can have serious consequences. The case depends on why you intend to produce - to manufacture, distribute or consume. Defending these charges requires a thorough understanding of all the facts and circumstances. Punishment for this crime depends on the type of drug and the amount involved. If you are charged with the production of drugs, Goldglass Law’s drug offence lawyer can protect you.

Trafficking of drugs

Trafficking drugs can put you in trouble depending on the type and quantity of drugs found. With the changes to the marijuana laws in Canada, there is some relief. However, trafficking cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, and fentanyl can lead to serious jail time if convicted. You should hire an attorney who will take time to understand the facts of your case, examine police conduct and create a foolproof defence. Goldglass Law has the experience needed to give you the best defence possible.

Proceeds of crime

In case the proceeds of a drug-related crime have been found, it becomes a complicated case (due to strong evidence being involved). If you are fighting this charge and need a lawyer you can trust, we have the legal knowledge to understand your options. We will do our best to protect your interests. Call us for a free consultation.

Dependable Drug offence Lawyer

We dedicate ourselves to presenting a strong, effective defence in the case of drug offences.


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